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About Susan Eisner, MPH, CASAC

“The best part of this class was the instructor’s knowledge, and use of relevant examples.  She is an excellent communicator and holds your attention." Physician Assistant Student, PACE University PA Program

Who am I?

For 26 years I've designed and conducted seminars in wellness, physician health, the impaired physician, fatigue, stress management, disruptive behavior, anger management, meditation and relaxation techniques, conscious communication skills, and 12-step programs for doctors, health professionals and other hospital personnel within the New York medical community. In addition I offer these seminars to non-medical companies and organizations and tailor them to the needs of any audience.  Through these seminars (click here for a complete list of topics), as a Visionary Leadership Coach and as an Anger Management Professional, I've achieved great satisfaction in helping individuals optimize their performance by improving their individual health.

Why do I do it?

I’m passionate about these topics personally and professionally. It all started in an elective graduate school class at Temple University on Stress Management. Week after week we sprawled out on large, red blankets on the floor and practiced meditation and relaxation techniques. I was so relaxed I could barely drive home. That class was one of those life changing experiences that led me to doing and teaching this work.


Becoming a Credentialed Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Counselor and working for ten years in the impaired physician program in New York, I became well versed in these topics. My interest in Stress Management expanded to addiction and impairment, and morphed into 9 self-care and personal development topics. I love presenting and take great pleasure in seeing the results of my seminars - happier, healthier practitioners and company personnel, and organizations with higher productivity and morale, less sick time, fewer errors, and improved patient and productivity outcomes.

With expertise in Physician and Health Professional Impairment, I consult with hospital leadership about problems with affected individuals and how to best help and support them.   

In recent years my business has grown to include one-to-one and group Visionary Leadership Coaching. In this arena I work with Human Resources and other company departments to help individuals and groups get along with each other better, improve professional performance, and convert negative behaviors and attitudes into winning strategies. A client recently said, "In all my 25 years at this hospital, working with you has been the best thing I've ever done here." 

To facilitate these changes in people, I've incorporated cutting-edge techniques into my 
stress management and self-help methods arsenal. These powerful exercises combine several modalities into what is known as a Guided Introspection Process. These processes help people to more quickly get to the bottom of sometimes life-long issues and get them un-stuck, and can also positively impact physical illnesses. They've helped me greatly. I'm more relaxed, focused, compassionate, and more dedicated to my work than ever - and passionate about using these techniques to deeply help my clients.  


What makes me different?

Regarding working with physicians, though I'm not a doctor, I know the population well after having worked in hospitals and health care my entire career. As a self-proclaimed intelligent, compulsive perfectionist (and getting better every day), I can relate well to their personalities and connect with them in a way that many others cannot. 


A recent seminar participant said, “Wow, I never shared that about myself anywhere else. It was great!”


I'm known for my down-to-earth, honest, direct style, with which I quickly connect with my audiences. I get them thinking and talking about difficult yet important, relevant issues they rarely discuss elsewhere. I also get them practicing easy, usable take-home techniques to help them after leaving the classroom.


An Anesthesiology Nurse Manager in a Communication Skills seminar that both physicians and nurses attended, commented, “The best thing about this session was just having the issues on the table with a lot of difficult people present. It was a very non-threatening way to broach issues.”

My coaching uses methods unlike those traditionally used. Clients are constantly amazed at the ways in which their lives change in real and definitive ways. One resident recently said, "I had no idea my physical pain was so connected to that problem in my life. The pain has been practically gone now for a month."

What makes me qualified?

I spent ten years as the Outreach Coordinator for NY’s Committee for Physician Health of the Medical Society of the State of New York. I have a Masters in Public Health in Community Health Education, a Bachelor of Arts in Biology, and am a Credentialed Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Counselor in New York. I'm a Visionary Leadership Coach certified by Conscious Company, and an Anger Management Professional certified by Century Anger Management. I’m also an Adjunct Instructor for the Department of Psychiatry & Behavioral Medicine at the NY College of Osteopathic Medicine. 

I've led groups and spoken at almost 200 hospitals for leadership groups, Human Resources departments, grand rounds, medical staff meetings, resident retreats, nursing meetings, training and development educational forums, and to other medical organizations and medical and physician assistant schools. Audiences include doctors, physician assistants, nurses, mental health and other health professionals, students and other hospital personnel.  I also speak at non-medical companies including colleges, networking organizations, and more. Through Visionary Leadership Coaching, I confidentially help organizational leaders, physicians, health personnel and other company employees with a plethora of personal and professional issues.   

Let’s work together

My seminars are best offered as a series to reinforce the topics. They last 1-2 hours, or can be adjusted to meet your needs. Half-day and full-day sessions are available, as are days scheduled with the same topic staggered at different times, or days with several topics combined. Group Visionary Leadership Coaching sessions are typically scheduled as a series.  Individual coaching sessions are available to those seeking such services on their own or by personal or professional referral. And finally, if you're concerned about the welfare of a physician colleague, I'm available for consultation about possible options for help. 


Please contact me to schedule a seminar, or coaching or consultation session today.


Susan Eisner, MPH, CASAC

Anger Management Professional, Century Anger Management, 2010
Visionary Leadership Coaching Certification, Conscious Company, 2009
Stress Management Corporate Training Program Certification, Queens College, 2007
Train the Trainer I Certification, Peak Potentials Training, 2007
CASAC (Credentialed Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Counselor), 1997
CAC (Credentialed Alcoholism Counselor), 1993
MPH (Masters in Public Health) in Community Health Education, Temple University, 1982
BA in Biology, SUNY Binghamton, 1978

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