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Cutting Edge: 1:1 and Group Visionary Leadership Coaching

For Medical, Professional, Business and Other Personnel, and the General Public



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"I've done a few guided introspection processes with Ms. Eisner, during which I was able to reach a very deep state of relaxation that was enjoyable.   Subsequently I realized the benefits of such a deep state of composure.  Ms. Eisner is skilled in this unique imagery work that can potentially help one to gain insight and address personal issues.  I have recommended her to physicians and other individuals I know." 
Simon Rabinowitz, MD, PhD, Chairman, Pediatrics, New York Magazine, Best Doctors


"If we all did the things we are capable of, we would astound ourselves." 
- Thomas Edison


VISIONARY LEADERSHIP COACHING (VLC) - corporate coaching for executives and employees, and personal coaching - taps into and maximizes the innate leader in us all.  Conscious leadership skills are necessary to influence change in your organizations, communities and families, whether you're an "official" leader - CEO, department chairperson, manager, clergyperson - or staff level employee, parent, etc. VLC uses cutting-edge, experiential techniques to help you remove your blocks and impediments to professional and personal optimal achievement, and moves you forward with a clear vision and plan for success.

Visionary Health Solutions offers two types of VLC.  Team building group coaching sessions are for departments, groups or several individuals looking to improve performance and function.  Individual meetings - executive coaching, employee coaching and personal coaching - work well for all job performance, professional and personal issues.  Either modalty is for medical and non-medical company staff: physicians, health professionals, administrators, company leadership and business personnel, other employees and the general public.  In these sessions, Susan incorporates innovatve, relaxing imagery techniques known as guided introspection proceses in which the root causes of current problems are more quickly revealed and resolved, and solutions are generated and envisioned.  The result: more rapid and lasting improvement.  

*** Cutting-edge imagery techniques are used in our coaching sessions.  To learn about and experience these first hand, schedule one session for yourself in addition to referring others.  This will give you a clear understanding of our innovative strategies and methods.

In this non-traditional series of leadership training sessions, the leadership team will have a never before had opportunity to increase cohesiveness, productivity and personal growth for its members and the group as a whole.  These meetings will be unlike others conducted elsewhere, and will go to a deeper, more profound level of learning by helping members move past “stuck points” to more personal and professional success.

Topics covered include:
     1.  Effective Leadership Qualities and Values
     2.  Expectations Within the Leadership Team
     3.  Unconscious “Rules” About Leadership
     4.  Issues of Leaders’ Self-Esteem that Impact Leadership
     5.  Personality Traits and Styles that Impact Leadership
     6.  Giving and Receiving Feedback as Leaders

These sessions work very well in combination with individual coaching to much more quickly increase the rate of success of individual members and of the group as a whole.  Click here for more information. 

ANGER MANAGEMENT executive and personal coaching is now available.
Susan is also an Anger Management Professional certified by Century Anger Management, a nationally recognized training leader in this field.  She offers individual executive coaching and personal coaching sessions to help improve anger management, stress management and communication skills.  Click here for more information

Coaching sessions can be done in person or by phone.  Whether you live in New York, California, other US State, or any other country for that matter, Susan will schedule a phone session with you at a mutually convenient time.  Let your colleagues and friends know about the international availability of this service.  Such convenience lets you do sessions when away from home, at a conference, or on vacation - when it works for you.

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Who would seek out these services, and for what types of concerns? 
What does this service consist of?
How does it work, and how is this different from other methods?
What are the benefits and results to individuals?
What are the benefits and results to teams and organizations?

Emotional and physical survival as an individual, as a group, and as an organization depends on the ability to respond to the vast changes before us.  By making lasting, effective changes within us, we can become better individuals who function more effectively in a group.   Experiencing these sessions will help you find peace in the storm.  Anchored in clarity, you may emerge as a powerful force and leader in your workplace, in your family, among friends, and in the world.

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Who would seek out or refer for these services, and for what types of concerns?  People: 

  • Who want to improve, and to clear specific blocks to their effectiveness, leadership, job performance, productivity, creativity, decision making, conflict resolution, teamwork, motivation and concentration
  • With issues of anger management, disruptive behavior, stress management, burnout, anxiety, depression, fears, fears and phobias
  • Who wish to strengthen interpersonal communication skills professionally and personally
  • Who have difficulty getting along with colleagues and staff, patients, family, friends, and others
  • With compulsive behaviors like overeating, smoking, drinking, gambling, obsessive thinking, etc.
  • With physical problems like pain, diagnosed and undiagnosed illnesses and symptoms, allergies, fatigue
  • With personal problems that may impact their work

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What does this service consist of? 

  • Longer guided introspection processes are done with individuals.  All change starts at the level of the individual.  Personal change improves and changes how one interacts with and influences others.
  • Shorter guided introspection processes are incorporated into seminars and promote group discussion.
  • Sessions can be done in person, and by telephone and Skype.

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How does it work, and how is this different from other methods?

  • Clients are led through very relaxing, guided introspection processes in which underlying reasons for problematic behaviors and attitudes are easily and quickly revealed, explored and resolved, and solutions and new strategies are envisioned and created.
  • These powerful, in-depth processes lead to more rapid and more permanent improvement. 
  • It’s well known that one’s past impacts current behavior, attitudes, and psychological and physical health.  Very traumatic events not emotionally skillfully handled at the time have an even stronger impact.  When these remain unexamined, moving ahead in life is like driving a car using both the brake and gas pedal at the same time, but going nowhere.  These processes deal directly with these issues, resulting in fewer fears, doubts and blocks, more emotional stability, and moving forward from stuck points to change.  

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What are the benefits and results to individuals?

Many individuals:

  • Achieve clarity about themselves and their impact on others, are more focused, confident and flexible
  • Use improved anger management techniques, have fewer anger outbursts and exhibit less disruptive behavior 
  • Use better communication skills and respond vs. impulsively reacting
  • Achieve goals, and are better at decision making
  • Are more creative, motivated, and have increased performance and productivity
  • Develop new attitudes and belief systems that are beneficial to them and their organization
  • Have higher self-esteem, respect and compassion for themselves and others
  • Are more relaxed, and have less anxiety, depression, are less fearful, and feel better physically
  • Find relief from compulsive behaviors, and manage their emotions in less destructive ways  

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What are the benefits and results to teams and organizations? 

Teams and organizations may profit from:  

  • Higher overall employee job performance, productivity, and improved patient care
  • Improved employee morale, better functioning teams, and improved conflict resolution 
  • Fewer meetings, and less time, money and paperwork spent on dealing with employee problems
  • Less employee absenteeism, staff turnover, hiring and re-training, and fewer employee health problems 

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