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Testimonials - Seminars, Visionary Leadership Coaching


"I've done a few guided introspection processes with Ms Eisner, during which I was able to reach a very deep state of relaxation that was enjoyable.  Subsequently I realized the benefits of such a deep state of composure.  Ms Eisner is skilled in this unique imagery work that can potentially help one to gain insight and address personal issues.  I have recommended her to physicians and other individuals I know." 
Simon Rabinowitz, MD, PhD, Chairman, Pediatrics, New York Magazine, Best Doctors

"I was very impressed after completing that process with Susan.  I was amazed at how much knowledge I gained about relationships, what makes people do what they do and understanding the reasons behind it.  After one process I felt much better about many issues.  I highly recommend it!" 
Dori H.,
Secretary, Richmond University Medical Center

"My grandmother recently passed away.  I was very upset, angry, and I couldn't talk about her.  Then I went on this inner journey with Susan.  The things I envisioned seemed so real it was as if I was really there!  Now, many weeks later, I feel a lot happier, calmer, more optimistic and much less angry. And now I can be in conversations about my grandma again.  Susan really helped me to feel better." 
Y. Koas, 12 year old boy, Huntington, New York


"The guided introspection was revealing, and useful in preventing future outbursts.” 
Resident Physician, Nassau University Medical Center

"The guided introspection showed me how I can act in the future, and be more patient.”
Tamara Shashiashrili, MD, Resident Physician, Medicine, Nassau University Medical Center

"The guided introspection was relaxing.  It is important to be self aware and figure out our motives and reasons for feelings.” 
Resident Physician, Nassau University Medical Center

"The guided process was good and helped me to understand how we should manage some situations you'd think are impossible to manage yourself.” 
Santiago Aguilar, MD, Medicine, St. Barnabas Hospital

"The guided introspection was excellent.  It was amazing.” 
Resident Physician, Medicine, Staten Island University Hospital

Susan Eisner, MPH, CASAC, shares the following Visionary Health Solutions client testimonials:

ON SEMINAR TOPICS                

"You know, Ms. Eisner, several months ago I was very skeptical about your seminars and would have never hired you because I'm an old-timer.  Now that I've experienced them, I think they're great.  Your talks really HELP us, they're not just clinical.  You get everyone talking about these serious issues and practicing techniques." 
John Cosgrove, MD, Chairman, Surgery, Bronx-Lebanon Hospital Center

Disruptive Behavior:
  "The best parts of this seminar were the discussions, the concrete examples, and ways to respond to disruptive behavior." 
Marcy Stein-Albert, MD, Chairman Pediatrics, Queens Hospital

Impaired Physicians and Professionals:  "The best part of the session was your concern to help."
Resident, Lincoln Medical and Mental Health Center

Stress Management:  "Each technique was very helpful. I especially liked the visualization. It really helped me relax and forget about all the stress in my life.”
Althea Poste, 5th Pathway Student, Psychiatry, Richmond University Medical Center

Fatigue and Sleep Deprivation:  "It was crisp - even for sleep deprived residents."
Resident, Medicine, Bronx-Lebanon Hospital Center 

Communication Skills:  "The best part of this session of both doctors and nurses, was just having the issues on the  table with a lot of difficult people present. It was a very non-threatening way to broach issues."     
Nurse, Anesthesiology, NY Methodist Hospital 

Medical Errors and Perfectionism:  "Every physician is guilty of self-doubt and anxiety over wanting to achieve perfection.  It is important to realize that wanting to achieve one’s goals is possible with the right attitude.  I wish I had this seminar 10 years ago in high school, because my life would be much less stressed now.  I was very inspired by your lecture."
Paulina Riess, Medical Student, Surgery, Bronx-Lebanon Hospital Center

Meditation and Relaxation Techniques:  The best part was the way Ms. Eisner actually physically took us through the exercises – it made all the difference.”  Balveen Singh, MD, Psychiatry Resident, Richmond University Medical Center, 3/4/09

12-Step Programs:
“Presenting 12-Step programs in depth is a service to hospital personnel.   Explaining the mechanics of these programs as a stress management is valuable for patients and doctors.”
ObGyn Physician, The Brooklyn Hospital Center, 5/20/08

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